Our New Blog Home

I’d like to welcome everyone to our new blog home, at WordPress.com.

WordPress.com offers free hosting that meets the needs of us at trustfundsforkids.com.  The domain name trustfundsforkids.com now redirects here, and the official site is http://www.trustfundsforkids.wordpress.com.

I would have hosted over at blogger since then you get the “Google juice” in terms of distribution but for some, ridiculous reason you can’t embed excel files into the blog posts (you can if you link them to google docs, but that is a pain).  I want the excel files here so that I can see the portfolio details from any computer.

My friend Dan and I are both amazed at what’s available, for free, on the internet.  I was able to import the blog over in half an hour, and then I re-directed the domain name after I tested it out a bit.  One annoying fact is that the media links all are tied to the former domain name and I need to manually fix them which will take an hour or so (I can’t just use a plug in since it is a hosted blog) but, in the grand scheme, that’s pretty minor.

I guess there are occasional ads, I hope that they are not too annoying.  They aren’t from me and if they help support wordpress.com that’s fine with me, too.

Another minor item is that Dan’s posts were assigned to me but since our royalties are zilch it isn’t that big of a deal.

Maybe someday I will look at some of the enhanced services but for now it seems like the free blog can do everything I need.  That’s great and I hope that you, as a visitor, enjoy your time here at the blog.






6 responses to “Our New Blog Home”

  1. Carl from Chicago Avatar

    Ha ha the spam comments followed us here from the old site. Good to see that the spam robots at least are still watching.

  2. Carl from Chicago Avatar

    No problem. DFM is fine, glad to have someone here looking at something!

    I will “quick edit” the posts back to you.

    Someday I will likely move FRT here so it is good to get the kinks out. Would be a lot of work to move all the media links over (they are hard coded to the other site) but could knock it out in a few hours work.

  3. Dan from Madison Avatar

    Ah screw it. If I change it to Dan from Madison here, it changes it across the WordPress universe so I will just leave it dfm. KFIL is more important to me anyway with that huge revenue stream it provides from all the ad space we sell.

  4. Dan from Madison Avatar

    I see that. It must have snagged “dfm” from my Kollej Football WordPress log in. Will change in admin here.

  5. Carl from Chicago Avatar
    Carl from Chicago

    The author is right next to the post at the top after the “by” line. I used quick edit to change this post from me to you. When you do a post as you it should come up.

    I will probably go back through some time and “quick edit” your posts back to you.

    Also you may want to change DFM to Dan From Madison in the admin section obviously up to you.

  6. Dan from Madison Avatar

    The author (all you from what you said) isn’t showing in the post.

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