Portfolio Three Updated March 2012

Portfolio Three is our third longest duration portfolio. It has been in existence for 4 1/2 years.

The beneficiary contributed $2500 and the trustee contributed $5000 for a total of $7500. Portfolio 3 is currently worth $7080 for a net loss of ($402) and performance of negative (5.6%), or about negative (1.9%) / year. For a bit there portfolio 3 was into “positive” territory but recently it has slipped slightly under.

Portfolio 3 has one “green” stock which is Wal-Mart, and no current “red” stocks (accumulated loss less dividends over $200). We are watching Urban Outfitters like in Portfolio 2 above and if it doesn’t make a move before September we will sell it when the re-investment period begins.

As far as taxes, there were no sales for gains or losses just dividends of $144. Thus this portfolio has less than $950 in unearned income and doesn’t have to file.

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