Trust Funds for Kids

  • Basic Investing Plan

    Goals of the Plan This is an update to my “basic investing plan” to take into account market shifts. As always do your own research and make your own investing decisions. This is a plan for a reasonably sophisticated investor; the goals include: Cash and Fixed Income: The return on cash (Vanguard VMMXX) is about […]

  • Portfolio Five Stocks Update December 2022

    We made sales already for Portfolio Five. It is time to consider investments for 2022. We will have around $4000 to invest when the incremental cash of $1500 is added. Below is the current portfolio. We should look at the selections for 2022 to consider and make some purchases after which I will update the […]

  • Portfolio Three Stocks Update December 2022

    Portfolio three is made up of ETF’s with some cash. The portfolio currently has VTI (US total stock market), MGK (US growth stocks) and VGK (US mega cap growth). With our 2022 investments, we can invest in any of the above ETF’s or perhaps consider another one. Cash is also returning about 3.8% risk free […]

  • Portfolio Two Stocks Update November 2022

    Portfolio Two made some sales and is looking at purchases for late 2022. The portfolio currently has a heavy cash mix, which earns 3.7% in the money market due to increase in interest rates. Other major holdings are VTI which is an ETF tracking the US markets, VEU which tracks non-US markets, and HEFA which […]

  • Portfolio One Stocks Update November 2022

    It is time to move in funds and invest for 2022 along with considering selling some stocks. We have a lot of stocks to consider selling including some really beat up tech stocks like OKTA, Alibaba (BABA), Facebook (META), and Block (SQ). Also Rocket (RKT) which is suffering as interest rates rise. On the other […]

  • Stocks to Consider November 2022

    Below are some of the stocks we are considering for the new purchases in November. We may adjust this list but it represents some current focus items of varying industries, geographic locations (US and non-US) and scale (very large and large cap). US Companies Non-US Companies Mega Cap Other Stocks To Consider

  • Stocks To Sell September 2022

    These portfolios are medium to long term in nature. That means we typically do not make quick sales in response to market conditions. But it is time to re evaluate these stocks given all the changes since covid and these stocks we are going to sell or strongly consider selling as a result. Sales by […]

  • Portfolio Update September 2022

    It has been a confusing ride in the markets across all asset classes. We are now going to 1) go through the portfolios and recommend some sales 2) invest for our 2022 incremental funding and match. We also need to move one of the UTMA accounts from the trustee to the beneficiary because they turned […]

  • A Look At the Market – July 2022

    This post looks at the state of the market in July, 2022. There have been a lot of significant changes in the last 12 or so months: Rising interest rates – after the largest bull market in history in bonds (when interest rates fell to negative territory, an unheard of historical level), we now have […]

  • Portfolio Performance May 2022

    Markets have fallen aggressively during 2022. Our total investment is back to where it was in 2020, after adjusting for contributions. The stocks that have done well so far in 2022 are energy (oil, gas) and utilities have done OK. Unfortunately, we have few of these stocks in our portfolio (unless you have an index […]