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  • Portfolio Three Stocks Update December 2022

    Portfolio three is made up of ETF’s with some cash. The portfolio currently has VTI (US total stock market), MGK (US growth stocks) and VGK (US mega cap growth). With our 2022 investments, we can invest in any of the above ETF’s or perhaps consider another one. Cash is also returning about 3.8% risk free […]

  • Stocks to Consider November 2022

    Below are some of the stocks we are considering for the new purchases in November. We may adjust this list but it represents some current focus items of varying industries, geographic locations (US and non-US) and scale (very large and large cap). US Companies Non-US Companies Mega Cap Other Stocks To Consider

  • Remaining Stock Selections

    We have some outstanding investments to consider for 2021. Portfolio Five There are stocks in this portfolio to strongly consider selling. SUMO – while the SAAS / analytics sector has seen strong performance, SUMO has performed poorly.  This is a stock to strongly consider selling Baozun (BZUN) – Baozun is a Chinese e-commerce enablement company.  […]

  • Stock Investing for Summer, 2021

    I usually wait until a bit later but since there is some money on the sidelines anyways and I’ve made some stock recommendations (see here), it makes sense just to do this all right now. This year we’ve moved 4 of the accounts (2-5) from UTMA to where they are owned by the beneficiary but […]

  • July Stocks to Consider

    The following 16 stocks (plus gold) have been solid in our portfolio and are recommended for consideration if you don’t have them or wish to add more. Accenture (ACN) – well run consulting company growing and also acquiring smaller companies in niche areas Alibaba (BABA) – Chinese Amazon equivalent has been battered by regulators but […]

  • Stock Selections for Fall 2020

     It is time to make selections for Fall 2020. For our 2020 stock picks, we will provide a variety of options: There were a number of companies that went public recently.  We will offer some choices in this area We want to have some options for non-US companies, usually via ADR’s (which allow you to […]

  • Stock Selections for 2018

    Stocks to choose from for 2018: US Stocks CME Group (CME) – a financial firm that trades and clears futures products and has a high dividend (they have an annual dividend plus a special year end dividend of 3.5%+ in total).  They make money from trade volume which tends to increase in times of volatility […]

  • Stock Selections Completed, SNAP and the Summer Bull Market

    We recently completed our stock buying for the fall of 2017.  We do the stock buying and matching in the fall so that beneficiaries can have the summer to make some money in order to do the match. It is interesting that of the 6 stocks (and one ETF, IAU or gold) on the list, […]

  • Stocks To Purchase By Account

    Based on the situation in each account and the amount of cash available after contributions and sales each account has a number of different purchases to make: Portfolio 1 – no purchases Portfolio 2 – can invest $2500 in ETF’s (one of the current 4 in use) or the Gold ETF added.  Or leave it […]

  • Stock Selections for 2017

    Below are our stock selections for 2017: US Stocks Appian (APPN) – $24, 52 week range $17-$27, $1B market cap, no dividend, almost no debt.  Appian is an internet software company that provides automation software for corporate customers.  Well run and growing fast, went public recently and has done well since the IPO 2. Nvidia Corporation (NVDA) – $179, […]