Portfolio Five Updated January 2017 – Tax Time

Portfolio five is a bit over 7 years old.  The beneficiary contributed $4000 and the trustee $8000 for a total of $12,000.  The current value is $14,071 for a gain of $2071 or 17%, which is 3.5% / year when adjusted for the timing of cash flows.  The spreadsheet can be found on the link to the right or you can download it here.

During 2016 we had about $223 in dividends for an average yield of about 1.6%.  There was a capital loss of $134 on the sale of LinkedIn (which was bought by Microsoft).  The portfolio is doing well, with Spirit Airlines (SAVE) being a recent winner.  Our sales also seem OK in hindsight.

It’s Stock Picking Time for 2016!

Every year at the end of the summer we select stocks.  Here are the choices for 2016.

US Companies

Spirit Airlines (SAVE) – $40 (52 week high / low $53 / $33), $2.8B market cap, no dividend, $0.6B debt.  Spirit Airlines is a low cost airline that is challenging the oligopoly domestic carriers.

Gilead Sciences (GILD) – $77 (52 week high / low $113 / $77), $101B market cap, 2.4% dividend, $21B debt.  Gilead Sciences is a pharmaceutical company.

General Electric (GE) – $31 (52 week high / low $33 / $23), $281B market cap, 2.9% dividend, $145B debt.  General Electric is a conglomerate that has exited financial services.

International Companies

Unilever ADR UK (UL) – $48 (52 week high / low $38 / $48), $150B market cap, 2.9% dividend, $13B debt.  Unilever is a British consumer goods company with a strong global presence.  This is the ADR that pays out in British Pounds so that there is no tax withholding.

SAP ADR (SAP) – $89 (52 week high / low $62 / $89), $112B market cap, 1.5% dividend, $8B debt.  SAP is a German software company with a strong global presence.

Elbit Systems ADR (ESLT) – $97 (52 week high / low $72 / $103), $4B market cap, 1.6% dividend, $0.4B debt.  Elbit Systems is an Israeli defense contractor.