Portfolio Three Updated January 2017 – Tax Time

Portfolio three is our 3rd longest lived portfolio, at a bit over 9 years.  The beneficiary contributed $5000 and the trustee $10,000 for a total of $15,000.  The current value of the portfolio is $16,551 for a gain of $1551 or 10%, which works out to about 2% / year when adjusted for the timing of cash flows.  You can see the detailed spreadsheet at the link on the right or download it here.

During 2016 we had about $280 in dividends (for a yield of about 1.7%) and had long-term capital losses on our sale of WYNN and Linked In (LNKD) which was bought by Microsoft.  Most of our sales have held up pretty well except for Weibo (WB), typically called “China’s Twitter” which went up significantly from recent lows.

Portfolio Three Updated October, 2016

Portfolio Three has a value of $16,069. The beneficiary contributed $5000 and the trustee $10,000 for a total of $15,000.


The portfolio has mostly recovered from the reduction in commodity prices.

Portfolio Three Updated March 2016 – Tax Time

Portfolio Three is our third longest lived portfolio, at 8 1/2 years.  The beneficiary contributed $4500 and the trustee $9000 for a total of $13,500.  The current value is $12,814 for a loss of ($685) or (5%).  Adjusted for the timing of cash flows, this is (1%) a year.  The detail can be found in the links on the right or here.

This year we sold Yahoo after all the drama and bought ConocoPhillips, Alibaba and Facebook.

There are a few stocks on watch.  LinkedIn (LNKD) dropped almost half its value when it issued forward earnings guidance; since then the stock has stabilized and is on watch.  I still believe in the company although many others apparently do not.  ConocoPhillips (COP) was hit immediately by the collapse in oil prices (even though we were buying it on a dip) – this is also on watch to see how they do in this difficult environment for commodity companies.  Wynn (WYNN) is a casino company with properties in Macau China catering to heavy Chinese gamblers; the crackdown on corruption has severely dampened earnings.

For taxes in 2015, there is a net loss for the year due primarily to a fall in value of Weibo (WB) which was pummeled in the great Chinese stock market rout and we sold the stock (it since gained back some of its value).  

Of the other stocks we’ve sold in recent years they are still below the price we sold them at.

Portfolio Three After 2015 Purchases and Sales


Attached is a screen shot from Google Finance of Portfolio Three after stock sales and purchases for 2015.  New stocks are Alibaba (BABA), ConocoPhillips (COP), and Facebook (FB).  The returns by stock represent stock price appreciation not dividends so dividend stocks have a higher return than listed.

Portfolio Three Updated October 2015

Portfolio three is eight years old, with the beneficiary contributing $4500 and the trustee contributing $9000, for a total of $13,500.  The current value is $13,243 for a loss of ($256) or (1.9%), which works out to an annual return that is slightly negative (0.4%) / year.  See the details here or use the links on the right.

The portfolio has had some stocks move against us lately.  Wal-Mart (WMT), an historically strong performer, recently came out with 3 year stock guidance that showed low growth and the stock went down.  Wynn (WYNN), a gambling company with strong interests in China, was also adversely hit by the Chinese governments’ crack down on money laundering and VIP gamblers.  Exxon-Mobil (XOM), the energy giant, has gone down tied with the commodity bust.  Yahoo (YHOO) is up overall but down from recent highs and is mainly a value play on its Alibaba (BABA) stake.

We will look at selling some of these stocks as part of our 2015 new stock purchase planning.

Portfolio Three Updated March, 2015 – and It’s Tax Time

Portfolio Three is our third longest portfolio, at 7 1/2 years. The beneficiary contributed $4000 and the trustee $8000 for a total of $12,000. The current value is $13,363 for a gain of $1,363 or 11% or 2.4% / year over the life of the fund. You can see the details at the link on the right or download the file here.

Portfolio Three had $213 in dividends in 2014, for a yield of approximately 1.8%. This is a reasonable return given that cash has essentially a zero return in an era of low interest rates. We sold 4 stocks in 2014 and 2 fell much further (Cliffs and CNOOC) while Splunk is mostly the same and Urban Outfitters gained about 20%.

We also sold 2 stocks in early 2015 (Weibo and Anadarko) so we have about $2200 to re-invest and will buy a couple of stocks in the spring.

Performance Update for January, 2015

There has been a lot of activity in the markets.  I updated the google finance accounts where I track performance for the individual funds 1-6.  We set up stop losses and about half of them were triggered overall by the rout in the oil market and also the recent fall in Chinese stocks.  I created graphs of performance since last September (when I set up in google finance) marked against VTI which is a Vanguard ETF that mimics the US market performance and VEU which is a Vanguard ETF that mimics the non-US market performance.  Generally since our funds as a rule of thumb are about half US and half non US we’d be about in the middle.  But this is a rule of thumb and varies depending on the specific stocks and their unique performance in each portfolio.

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