Stocks on Watch, Summer 2019

As part of our investing round for the summer of 2019, we are looking at stocks to consider selling. The following stocks are on that list: Baidu (BIDU) – they recently had their first loss and are way down Baozun (BZUN) – stock performance far down, likely impacted by China / US trade disputes Electronic […]

Recent Stock Activity – Updated as of the end of March

Earlier in the year we had a mini-correction of sorts. Since then, many of the stocks in the portfolio have recovered, but some haven’t. I went through the recent stock performance of all the stocks in the portfolio and here are a few that were highlighted.  Recently updated again… Appian (APPN) – Appian creates low-code […]

Portfolio Five Updated Feb 2018, And It’s Tax Time

Portfolio Five is 8 1/2 years old.  The beneficiary contributed $4500 and the trustee $9000, for a total of $13,500.  The current value is $16,640 for a gain of 23%, which is 4.1% / year adjusted for the timing of cash flows.  You can see portfolio five details here or go to the link on […]

Portfolio Review December 2017

For our portfolios I created a summary view in Google Sheets that updates automatically.  I also “save” performance every month or so (per above) so that you can see performance across time.  Note that this performance also includes additional investments and withdrawals so it isn’t “apples to  apples” but is still useful.  Generally we’ve gone […]

Portfolio Five Updated July, 2017

Portfolio Five is almost 5 years old.  The beneficiary contributed $4000 and the trustee $8000, for a total of $12,000.  The current value is $14,522, for a gain of $2522 or 21%, which is about 4.3% / year when adjusted for the timing of cash flows.  Go here for details or see the link on […]

Portfolio Post Election

After the elections, stocks have generally gone up. Some sectors have done well, and others have fallen. The US dollar is stronger, which means that our overseas stocks have gone down on a relative basis. We are judicious on selling off stocks here. However, since the election is past it is likely time to make […]

Stocks on watch update

Generally waiting and putting these stocks on watch have gone well.  They have mostly increased in price recently. Novartis (NVS) – did not have a good quarterly earnings release.  Still on watch may sell. Statoil (STO) – still generally on the rise with the recent increase in oil prices Linked In (LNKD) – up since […]

Stock Selections for Summer 2015

There have been stock sales in some of the portfolios so we will have another round of stock selections.  Here are the choices. INTERNATIONAL Vale ADR (VALE) – $7, ($5 – $14 over 52 weeks), $35B market capitalization, 5.5% yield, $35B in debt.  The Brazilian mining giant has been hit hard by the reduction in […]