Stock Selections for 2018

Stocks to choose from for 2018: US Stocks CME Group (CME) – a financial firm that trades and clears futures products and has a high dividend (they have an annual dividend plus a special year end dividend of 3.5%+ in total).  They make money from trade volume which tends to increase in times of volatility […]

Portfolio Two Updated July, 2018

Portfolio two is almost 14 years old.  The beneficiary contributed $7000 and the trustee $14,200 for a total of $21,200.  The current balance is $39,012 for a gain of 84% or ~8% / year when adjusted for the timing of cash flows.  You can see the detail here or at the link on the bottom. […]

Stock Selections for 2017

Below are our stock selections for 2017: US Stocks Appian (APPN) – $24, 52 week range $17-$27, $1B market cap, no dividend, almost no debt.  Appian is an internet software company that provides automation software for corporate customers.  Well run and growing fast, went public recently and has done well since the IPO 2. Nvidia Corporation (NVDA) – $179, […]

Interim Stock Selections for January 2013

During the course of 2012 several of the trust funds have sold off stocks for various reasons, including: – Exelon (utility) started to go down significantly as their dividend came under threat – Canon (Japan) fell as part of the overall Japanese stock market – Metro PCS rose quickly on a takeover attempt As stocks […]