Stock Selections for 2017

Below are our stock selections for 2017:

US Stocks

  1. Appian (APPN) – $24, 52 week range $17-$27, $1B market cap, no dividend, almost no debt.  Appian is an internet software company that provides automation software for corporate customers.  Well run and growing fast, went public recently and has done well since the IPO

2. Nvidia Corporation (NVDA) – $179, 52 week range $63-$191, $107B market cap, almost no dividend, $4B debt.  Nvidia makes chips for games and graphics cards and these chips are also being used for AI and machine learning use cases.

3. General Motors (GM) – $42, 52 week range $30-$42, $61B market cap, 3.8% yield, $55B debt.  GM is an iconic, global auto manufacturer with strong worldwide presence including China and has invested heavily in electric car technology.  Non US sales total 58% of volume (but a smaller percentage of profits).

4. Snapchat (SNAP) – $15, 52 week range $11-$29, $18B market cap, no dividend, no debt.  Snapchat went public and recently has lost almost half its value.  The company has over $2B in cash but is running a large loss due to operational expenses and acquisitions.  However, it is still strong in market and mind share and could also be an acquisition candidate for the right price

International Stocks

5. Baozun (BZUN) – $36, 52 week range $11-$41, $2B market cap, no dividend, little debt.  Baozun is a Chinese e-commerce provider for many major companies.

6. ABB (ABB) – $25, 52 week range $20-$25, $54B market cap, 3% yield, $7B debt.  ABB is a Swiss company and European conglomerate with strong interests in power and electricity generation.


7. Gold ETF (IAU) – $12, 52 week range $11-$13, no dividend.  This ETF tracks the price of gold.  In case of a market correction (prices go down), gold often holds its value on a comparative basis.  On the other hand, gold pays no dividends and does not generate profits

We looked at bitcoin but there currently isn’t a direct bitcoin ETF and if someone wanted to trade bitcoin or ether they would be better off trading it directly.  These sorts of crypto currencies can cause taxation and other related issues and are too complex for this portfolio at the current time.

Stock Selections for 2014

It is time to select 2014 stocks.  Generally each fund selects 2 new stocks, although there are some significant cash balances available on the other funds (due to stock sales) and they may need to pick more than 2.  Each year we offer a mix of US and non-US stocks for selection.

US Stocks

Linked In (LKND) – $201 / share, $24B market cap, 52 week range $136-$258, no dividend, no debt.  Linked In is a growing and well run web company for business professionals to make contacts and find new opportunities.  They recently had excellent earnings for Q2 2014

Exxon Mobil (XOM) – $99 / share, $424B market cap, 52 week range $84-$104, 2.7% dividend, $11B long term debt.  Exxon Mobil is viewed as the best run energy company in the world and has a disciplined use of capital with a long term horizon.

General Motors (GM) – $33 / share, $53B market cap, 52 week range $31-$41, 3.3% dividend, $40B debt.  While GM has been in the news recently regarding recall efforts, they have a long term growth story with their presence in China and the growth of vehicles in that market, which passed the US in terms of cars purchased and has larger growth opportunities

eBay (eBay)  – $52 / share, $65B market cap, 52 week range $48-$59, no dividend, $5B debt.  eBay is a well run e-commerce company that also owns the payments company PayPal.  They have moved successfully to mobile and offer many products with “buy it now” and not just auction sales.

Foreign Stocks

Anheuser Busch Inbev (BUD) – $107 / share, $171B market cap, 52 week range $92-$116, 1.9% dividend, $49B debt. The iconic US company that makes Budweiser was bought by hard-charging Brazilians and headquartered in Belgium.  This is the dominant worldwide beer company.

Weibo Corp (WB) – $19 / share, $6B market cap, 52 week range $16-$24, no dividend, little debt.  Weibo runs a Chinese microblogging platform.  It is kind of a Chinese twitter.  They release earnings on August 5 we will also see the market reaction to those results.

Coca-Cola Femsa (KOF) – $108 / share, $22B market cap, 52 week range $92-$149, 1% dividend, $4B debt.  This Mexican company runs the successful Coca-Cola franchise along with beverages in many other latin and Spanish speaking countries.

China Life Insurance (LFC)  – $44 / share, $83B market cap, 52 week range $35-$49, 1.6% dividend, $14B debt.  China Life Insurance is a large insurer in mainland China, where the population is aging and opportunities for insurance will grow as a result.