Potential Stock Sales for August 2018

Here are the potential stock sales by portfolio: Portfolio 8K GM – consider selling BZUN Portfolio 7G GM – consider selling BZUN Portfolio 6 ESLT BZUN BIDU Portfolio 5D BZUN GM – consider selling  BUD – recommend selling (not growing) (SOLD) BIDU Portfolio 4M TSLA – recommend selling (a media circus) (SOLD) ABB ESLT Portfolio […]

Portfolio Three Updated August 2018

Portfolio three is 11 years old.  The beneficiary contributed $5500 and the trustee $11,000 for a total of $16,500.  The current value is $23,170 for a gain of 40% or 5.6% / year adjusted for the timing of cash flows.  You can see the data here or at the link on the right. We have […]

Portfolio Review December 2017

For our portfolios I created a summary view in Google Sheets that updates automatically.  I also “save” performance every month or so (per above) so that you can see performance across time.  Note that this performance also includes additional investments and withdrawals so it isn’t “apples to  apples” but is still useful.  Generally we’ve gone […]

Stock Selections for Summer 2015

There have been stock sales in some of the portfolios so we will have another round of stock selections.  Here are the choices. INTERNATIONAL Vale ADR (VALE) – $7, ($5 – $14 over 52 weeks), $35B market capitalization, 5.5% yield, $35B in debt.  The Brazilian mining giant has been hit hard by the reduction in […]