Personal Kanban

Personal Kanban is a productivity technique that uses Agile methodologies, popularized in modern software development, applied to your personal life.  The benefits of this method include:

  • You are able to put down all of your unstructured thoughts into a “backlog” so that you can get started on the process of tackling your personal efforts
  • You can categorize your potential projects and activities across logical groups and understand the potential balances or imbalances in your life
  • Each week (or whenever you reset your board), you can select activities to focus on for that week and put them in “working” or “in progress” to show your commitment to completing those items
  • By selecting a few items from your backlog to work on at a given period, you eliminate the negative mental energy associated with having items “in your mind” as unfinished
  • You can see the positive progress of your activities and feel “good” as you move items from “in progress” to completed

I highly recommend reading the book “Personal Kanban” by Jim Benson which provides a solid overview of the techniques and methods, along with practical examples, for those who want to use this technique for personal productivity and growth.

My posts will talk about the different elements of my journey with personal Kanban and my experiences.  Hopefully these examples will help you in some way as you too look to be more effective and to apply the Kanban / Agile principles to your personal life.

The journey from “waterfall” to “agile” is simliar to the journey from “an infinite to do list” to “personal kanban”.

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