Stocks to Consider November 2022

Below are some of the stocks we are considering for the new purchases in November. We may adjust this list but it represents some current focus items of varying industries, geographic locations (US and non-US) and scale (very large and large cap).

US Companies

  • Lockheed Martin (LMT) – LockheedMartin is a US company that has a market cap of over $125B and a dividend of 2.5%. This is an aerospace and defense company that can benefit from global instability and the war in Ukraine
  • Devon Energy (DVN) – Devon us a US company that has a $40B market cap and a very high dividend of 8.4%. This company benefits from high oil and gas prices worldwide
  • Mosaic (MOS) – Mosaic is a US / Canadian company that mines potash and has other fertilizer and agriculture related products. It has a market cap of $16B and a modest 1.2% dividend. Much of the rest of the worlds’ supply of Potash is in Russia or China so it is an advantage to be in the West in the current global situation
  • Salesforce (CRM) – Salesforce is one of the largest and most important enterprise SAAS stocks. They are worth $133B and pay no dividend. They had a terrible year and lost half their value. This may be a good time to step in and purchase the stock
  • V.F. Corporation (VFC) – VF owns brands like Vans and North Face. They are attuned to investors and returning cash to shareholders. Their stock has fallen very far and their CEO resigned and it may be a good entry point. The market cap is $11B and the dividend is 7.2%.

Non-US Companies

  • Akzo Nobel Inc (AKZOY) – Akzo Nobel is a Dutch company that provides coatings and paints. It has a market cap of $12B and a dividend of 3.5%. Many European companies have been hit with the fall of the Euro (when you convert their value into US dollars) and the energy situation in Europe, so this may be a good purchase point
  • GSK (GSK) – GSK is an international pharmaceutical company. Their market cap is $72B and their dividend yield is 4.6%. The stock has not moved much in a decade and recently climbed from a multi-year low. This might be a good entry price point
  • Adidas (ADDYY) – Adidas is a German company that makes shoes and sportswear. They recently let their CEO go along with Kanye and brought in one from PUMA who had been successful. The stock is at a 10 year low even with recent upward moves. Their market cap is $23B and they have a 2.7% dividend.

Mega Cap

Other Stocks To Consider

  • Alphabet (GOOGL) has a 1.2T market cap and no dividend. They are now starting to retrench a bit and look at costs and shut down unprofitable ventures and their stock has dropped to a more reasonable multiple.
  • United Health (UNH) – United Health is a very large US company that is a health insurer and also large provider. The market cap is $510B and it has a 1.2% dividend. The company is well run and positioned in the vast health market





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