Stocks To Consider September 2022

Below are some of the stocks we are considering for the new purchases in September 2022.  We may adjust this list but it represents some current focus items of varying industries, geographic locations (US and non-US) and scale (very large and large cap).

US Companies

  • Lockheed Martin (LMT) – LockheedMartin is a US company that has a market cap of over $100B and a dividend of 2.7%.  This is an aerospace and defense company that can benefit from global instability and the war in Ukraine
  • Devon Energy (DVN) – Devon us a US company that has a $40B market cap and a very high dividend of over 6%.  This company benefits from high oil and gas prices worldwide
  • Mosaic (MOS) – Mosaic is a US / Canadian company that mines potash and has other fertilizer and agriculture related products.  It has a market cap of $18B and a modest 1% dividend.  Much of the rest of the worlds’ supply of Potash is in Russia or China so it is an advantage to be in the West in the current global situation
  • Ziff Davis (ZD) – Ziff Davis is a small US technology company with a market cap of $3B and no dividend.  They are well run and disciplined and own a variety of internet properties that they acquire

Non-US Companies

  • Akzo Nobel Inc (AKZOY) – Akzo Nobel is a Dutch company that provides coatings and paints.  It has a market cap of $10B and a dividend of 3.7%.  Many European companies have been hit with the fall of the Euro (when you convert their value into US dollars) and the energy situation in Europe, so this may be a good purchase point
  • Subaru Corp (FUJHY) – Subaru Corp is a Japanese company that builds Subaru autos.  They have a market cap of $13B and a dividend of 4%.  This stock too has been declining but may be a good purchase point for a company with solid brand equity and loyalty
  • Puma (PUMSY) – Puma is a German company that makes shoes and sportswear.  They are generally well run and have some niche markets.  Their market cap is $8B and they have a modest 1% dividend.

Mega Cap

Alphabet (GOOGL) has a 1.35T market cap and no dividend.  The revenues grow relentlessly and they are well run and less controversial than other companies in the space.

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