Portfolio Two Updated April 2022

Portfolio Two is 17 1/2 years old.  The trustee contributed $18,200 and the beneficiary $27,000 for a total of $45,200.  The current value is $72,659 for a gain of $27,460 or 60.8%, which is 6.7% / year when adjusted for the timing of cash flows.  Go here or to the link for more details.

This portfolio contains a mix of ETF’s, cash and individual stocks.  The ETF’s mainly track the market and cash is even so let’s talk about some of the stocks, as follows:

  • Meta (FB) and Alibaba (BABA) are down significantly.  Meta has been hit with the tech downturn and Apple privacy changes and Alibaba has been hit by regulatory and tech crackdowns in China
  • Cloudflare (NET) is an innovative tech company with a high valuation (in terms of price to sales, one of the highest for tech companies) and it has been variable recently, although it has bounced back from recent lows
  • Nike (NKE) and L’Oreal (LRLCY) are relatively recent purchases that are in the consumer product space and they are down since we bought them (although not as big as the tech drops)





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