Portfolio Five Updated January 2022

Portfolio Five is 12 years old.  The beneficiary contributed $6500 and the trustee $13,000 for a total of $19,500.  The current value is $40,195 for a gain of $20,695 which is 106% or 9.9% / year adjusted for the timing of cash flows.  Go here for a summary or to the link on the left.

This year we had three sales – Alibaba (BABA) for a small gain, Sumo for a small loss, and Baozun (BZUN) for a larger loss.

We purchased 6 new stocks – Appian (APPN), Activision / Blizzard (ATVI), Intel (INTC), Snap, Block (formerly Square) (SQ), and Tesla (TSLA).

Generally the portfolio has been doing well.  There are 19 stocks in the portfolio and it is quite diverse.

Recently we’ve seen declines in some former high flyers Cloudflare (NET), Paypal (PYPL), and OKTA (OKTA).  We saw some new highs with Infosys (INFY), Union Pacific (UNP) and Procter and Gamble (PG).





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