Portfolio Two Updated October 2021

Portfolio Two is seventeen years old.  The beneficiary contributed $27,000 and the trustee $18,200 for a total of $45,200.  The current value is $79,546 for a gain of $34,346 or 76%, which is 7.6% / year adjusted for the timing of cash flows.  For details go here or to the link on the right.

The portfolio is generally doing well.  There is a core of ETF’s and some individual stocks.  Cloudflare (NET) has been doing well and the others mostly purchased recently.  Alibaba (BABA) is up from recent very low prices caused by Chinese politics and a deferral of the Ant IPO, but we are holding on for now.

This portfolio has over $20,000 in cash and the total bond fund (BND) ETF which reduces risk but also reduces total return opportunities.  1/4 of the fund is invested in cash or low risk equivalents rather than equities. 





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