Stock Performance September 2021

Stock Performance September 2021
Stock Performance September 2021

Over about the last 6 months, net of $30,000 in contributions from the trustee and the beneficiaries (some beneficiaries are making additional contributions beyond the normal $1500 / year), the funds in total have gone up by approximately 5% annualized. Net of cash and cash-like instruments (which reduce money in equities), we have returned about 6-7% annualized.

The indexes in the US on the other hand have gone up by between 10-15% annualized, depending on what you are looking at (S&P, NASDAQ, MGK performance, etc…). One of the reasons for our different performance is that we have a decent basket of foreign stocks, including some Chinese stocks which have gone down about 40% during the last 6 months (some of which have already been sold).

Since we are looking at the long term, we’ve historically selected a mix of US and foreign stocks. Foreign economies make up a majority of the worlds’ GDP, but US stocks have turned out to be the best bet recently for a variety of reasons. Chinese stocks, for instance, were hit by changes in government policies. We will continue to monitor the mix and the options for investments.

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