June Performance Summary


Our portfolios continue to perform well, like the overall market.  We are up about 30% over the last year, net of contributions.   US markets are up around 40% during that period, but our portfolios are about 20% cash / gold along with non-US stocks so it is roughly equivalent.

There are a few stocks that haven’t performed as well as the market as of late; Alibaba (BABA) the Chinese internet giant, SUMO Logic (SUMO) the cloud analytics company, and Baozun (BZUN) the Chinese e-commerce fulfillment company.  However, the performance wasn’t terrible for these 3 companies, just not nearly as good as the overall market.

We are looking at companies to consider buying for the summer investment round.  I am performing research now on candidates.

This year we moved three of the accounts over to “limited agency” status from trust funds; this has become necessary as the beneficiaries get older.  This is a one-time effort that took some time given that the steps are not simple nor clearly laid out.  Even today I noted that many of the individual stocks were set to reinvest dividends, which I turned off because it causes challenges in tracking and is minor in the grand scheme if you reinvest cash regularly (as we do with new investments).

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