Portfolio Update November 2020

It has been a wild ride for stocks with Covid.  About 3 months ago in August the market started getting choppy.  During September the trustee and the beneficiaries contributed $18,000 to the portfolios.  Thus the increase from August to November is about 7.5% ignoring the incremental contributions, which works out to about 35% / year.

Generally the portfolio selections have been doing well, with a few exceptions.  SAP, the German software maker, was hit based on recent quarterly results and future projections.  Alibaba (BABA), the Chinese e-commerce giant, went down when the IPO of Ant was delayed right before launch.  We also had a fall in CME due to predictions of low volatility, Elbit Systems (ESLT), and Gilead (GILD).  None of these are in crisis, but since there are 40+ individual stocks in the portfolio we would expect a few to be always lagging.

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