Portfolio Overview And Recent Market Activity

Since we moved the portfolios to Google Sheets and integrated them to a single data source, it has been much easier to review overall performance (in aggregate) and performance within a single one of the 8 portfolios.  Like the rest of the overall market, we hit a peak in September at around $180k and have since declined to $168k (a loss of $12k or about 7%).  Traditionally, October has been a month where difficult events occurred, so for whatever reason it happened again in 2018.  Generally the Tech giants have been hit hard, and although we are not invested in many of the most prominent names (Amazon, Google), we do have some investment in Facebook as well as in the Chinese names like Alibaba, who also were impacted.  When this settles down a bit (likely after the elections, for good or ill) we will look through the winners and losers and see if there are any significant actions to be taken among portfolio stocks.  Note that even with recent losses, we are still up from about $137k in April 2017 to $168k in November 2018, which is approximately 20% (it is a bit less than the math would first appear because of the net effect of incremental investments and withdrawals during the period).

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