Portfolio Three Updated January 2017 – Tax Time

Portfolio three is our 3rd longest lived portfolio, at a bit over 9 years.  The beneficiary contributed $5000 and the trustee $10,000 for a total of $15,000.  The current value of the portfolio is $16,551 for a gain of $1551 or 10%, which works out to about 2% / year when adjusted for the timing of cash flows.  You can see the detailed spreadsheet at the link on the right or download it here.

During 2016 we had about $280 in dividends (for a yield of about 1.7%) and had long-term capital losses on our sale of WYNN and Linked In (LNKD) which was bought by Microsoft.  Most of our sales have held up pretty well except for Weibo (WB), typically called “China’s Twitter” which went up significantly from recent lows.

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