Stocks on watch update

Generally waiting and putting these stocks on watch have gone well.  They have mostly increased in price recently.

Novartis (NVS) – did not have a good quarterly earnings release.  Still on watch may sell.

Statoil (STO) – still generally on the rise with the recent increase in oil prices

Linked In (LNKD) – up since lows.  Will see if it stalls

Wynn (WYNN) – up almost 50% off its lows.  Beat q1 earnings.

ConocoPhillips (COP) – up off lows but hurt recently by Canadian shutdown due to wildfires

Coca Cola Femsa (KOF) – generally still on the rise off lows.  OK dividend

Devon (DVN) – up significantly off lows.  Benefiting from recent rise in oil prices

Royal Dutch Shell (RDS.B) – also up on recent oil price rises.  Hit some by closing of Canadian oil sands due to wildfires

Oracle (ORCL) – still doing OK.  Will keep on long term watch due to cloud threat

Juniper (JNPR) – missed their 3/31/16 earnings.  Will watch on 6/30/16.  May be passed up by the cloud environment.  Could be an acquisition target

Current inclination… is to sell Juniper and Novartis.  Will watch.

5 thoughts on “Stocks on watch update”

  1. Doing well on these stocks. Almost all are on the rise and Juniper is flat. Will hold off selling and check back later.


    1. We need to do a “dart board” challenge like the Wall Street Journal used to do back in the days when they published stock prices in the paper. I will go random and you can make your educated picks.


  2. Novartis is doing better. Will watch Juniper and if they don’t do well on earnings for Q2 2016 will sell. Will sell Linked In too because now it is just a tracking stock for MSFT. Also the Chinese internet stocks Alibaba and Baidu are about to go on watch as well. Likely will also want to trim down some of the exposure to energy stocks in some of the portfolios.


  3. Juniper, Linked In, ConocoPhillips and Coca-Cola Femsa are on the list. We will watch Wynn on Monday as well.


  4. Market has been doing better. I am keeping them but will limit commodity type stock selections for portfolios that already have heavy oil / gas exposure. Sold off Linked In because that is dead money now that they have been acquired by MSFT


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