College Investor Links

I read Barry Ritholtz regularly and he put up a list of 20 blog / web resources for college students looking to learn about the markets.  He did not compile the list; his web site was among the resources included.  This list seems pretty useful; I will try to check on them from time to time – I’ve seen some of them and will try to look up the rest of them.

Here’s the list.

Update – one thing I noted is that my site loads way faster because I don’t have ads. If you run this site through Opera Mini which is the stripped down web browser it really screams.

If I had time to really research this stuff and post a lot of the back-and-forth between Dan and I there would be a lot more here. Oh well. I guess then I’d have to monetize this to make the $25 / year that the web would deliver us and we’d be inundated with spam and bad links.

But back to this list – there’s a lot of good stuff there.

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