Stocks on Watch Across Portfolios

Stocks on Watch – All Portfolios

Portfolio One

– Trans-Alta (TAC)

– Yahoo (YHOO)

– Garmin (GRMN)

– Wal-Mart (WMT)

Portfolio Two

– Not applicable because we will likely sell all and move to ETF’s and brokerage CD’s

Portfolio Three

– Wynn (WYNN)

– Yahoo (YHOO)

– Wal-Mart (WMT)

Portfolio Four

– Coca Cola Femsa (KOF)

– Devon Energy (DVN)

– Garmin (GRMN)

– Seaspan (SSW)

Portfolio Five

– Yahoo (YHOO)

– Seaspan (SSW)

Portfolio Six

– Seaspan (SSW)

– Coca Cola Femsa (KOF)

4 thoughts on “Stocks on Watch Across Portfolios”

  1. Marissa just can’t get YHOO to pop and looks like the Alibaba money is stuck until they can talk the IRS to letting them get it in non taxable. Two years and the stock is up a buck. Ouch.


  2. Sales

    TAC – Canada not run by conservatives, hard economic times in Canada, time to drop

    YHOO – has not been able to turn around business, basically a tracking stock, time to drop

    GRMN – growth is now basically flat, it is a dividend stock, time to move on

    SSW – is a bet on growth for China. Likely to slow and have severe price competition.

    KEEP (for now)

    WYNN – still a big bet on gambling in China. They have more resources coming on line.

    WMT – can’t figure out what to do. They have a huge retail base and footprint and history of coming back but isn’t clear that they can beat Amazon. But someone has to provide physical retail out there. Hold for now.

    KOF – even though they’ve been killed by currency fluctuations they still seem to be well run and a good long term play

    DVN – seems well run and trying to survive this by cutting back. Could also be acquired by someone.

    For portfolio 2 will also make sales in line with this which is TAC and YHOO


  3. Just made the 11 trades per above. Will keep researching stocks for a couple of days while waiting for the cash to settle and then we can re-invest it alongside the new selections for 2015.


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