Portfolio One Updated October 2014

Portfolio One is our longest lived portfolio, at 13 years.  The beneficiary contributed $6500 and the trustee $14,500 for a total of $21,000.  The current value is $34,188 for a gain of $13,188 or 63%, which is approximately 6.6% / year.  You can see the portfolio details here or click on the link on the right.

Generally stocks have been in trouble recently so I updated the portfolio to check on everything.  We may put a stop loss on Trans Alta (TAC) soon because it has dropped about 12% in the half year or so that we’ve owned it and they have a high dividend which may be unsustainable (it is currently paying out 6.7%).

Another one to watch is eBay.  eBay has been a good performer and they recently bowed to activist investors and are going to spin out fast-growing PayPal into a separate company.  We may sell or just hold on to PayPal shares depending on how it works.

We will also keep an eye on the Norwegian energy company Statoil (STO).  They had a run up this year but gave it back recently.  They have a good dividend and are in Norwegian currency which provides a hedge against the US dollar but also which falls when the dollar rises (as it has been doing recently).

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