Portfolio One Updated August, 2014

Portfolio One is our longest lived portfolio, at thirteen years.  It started right after 9/11/01.  The beneficiary has contributed $6,000 and the trustee $13,500 for a total of $19,500.  The current value is $33,739 for a gain of $14,239 or 73%, which works out to approximately 8% / year.  Go to the link on the right or here for a detailed spreadsheet of the holdings.

The stocks in the portfolio are doing well.  We took a big hit on Twitter earlier in the year when the e-commerce and web companies were hit hard and sold but it’s bounced up a bit since then.  Generally we are doing well overall and don’t have any stocks with stop loss orders (for now).

There are 17 stocks in the portfolio and $2205 in cash.  Assuming that $500 is contributed by the beneficiary and the trustee contributes $500 and matches $500, there will be $3705 available for investing.  We will select two stocks in the cost range of about $1800 and try to keep the total number of stocks in the portfolio under 20 or so (would be 19).

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