Portfolio Four Updated March 2014

Portfolios Four (and Five) are four and a half years old.  The beneficiary invested $2500 and the trustee $5000 for a total of $7500.  Current value is $9,729 for a gain of $2229 or 30%, which works out to about 9% / year over the life of the fund.  Go to the right or click here for portfolio details.

The 10 stocks in this portfolio are 60/40 US vs. overseas which is a reasonable balance.  There were no sales or purchases since the post summer buys of Devon and Seaspan (this is the only portfolio where no stop loss orders were triggered, knock on wood).  The biggest gain is Westpac, an Australian bank which pays a dividend of over 5% annually.  Seaspan still has a stop loss order outstanding but the rest seem to be doing well.

It is highly unlikely that the beneficiary will have to file taxes because of an absence of large income from work.  From the portfolio there is $254 in dividends and no gains or losses in 2013.

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