Portfolio Two Updated March 2014

Portfolio Two is ten and a half years old.  The beneficiary contributed $5500 and the trustee $11,000 for a total of $16,500.  Current value is $25,427 for a gain of $8927 or 54%, which works out to about 7% / year.  You can see the detail to the links on the right or here.

The fund has 16 stocks with an average balance around $1500.  Over time we will try to move the average position size to closer to $2000 and try to keep the fund less than 20 or so stocks to keep it easier to manage.  The fund is roughly evenly split between US and overseas stocks.

About half the gains have come from two US technology stocks – Facebook which we bought at what was probably the low point of $18.75 and it is now at $68 and Splunk.  We will watch those two stocks so we don’t end up riding the gains back down.

For 2013 taxes there were no sales so no gains / losses.  There was $383 in dividends, a rate of 1.5% / year.  The rate is lower net because a higher percentage of the portfolio value consists of technology companies which don’t pay dividends.

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