Portfolio Three Updated March 2014

Portfolio Three is seven and a half years old.  The beneficiary contributed $3500 and the trustee $7000, for a total of $10,500.  The current value is $13,649 for a gain of $3374 or 32%, which is approximately 7% / year.  The full spreadsheet can be seen in the links on the left or here.

The portfolio consists of ten stocks.  It is 60/40 US vs overseas although many of the stocks have a heavy overseas exposure / value drivers (Yahoo, Wynn).

Last year the portfolio earned $264 in dividends (after foreign withholding) for a 2% yield, which reflects the net of some internet stocks that don’t pay dividends and some high dividend stocks.  We sold one stock in 2013 for a long term loss of $160.  We recently sold 2 other stocks and bought 2 new ones but these are 2014 transactions.


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