Portfolio Three Updated November 2013

Portfolio Three is our third longest lived portfolio, at six years. The beneficiary contributed $3500, the trustee contributed $7000, for a total of $10,500. The current value is $12,673 for a gain of $2948 or 28%, which is 6.2% / year over the life of the portfolio. See details here or download the spreadsheet on the right.

There are 10 stocks in the portfolio, of which 6 are US and 4 overseas, although since WYNN has most of its’ value from China holdings, you could say that it has a 50/50 ratio.  The portfolio is almost to the point where the swing in a single stock won’t disproportionately change the total portfolio value and it is reasonably diversified.

Splunk has been a big winner, with a gain of over $1000 in less than a year.  Other winners include Siemens which is near a five-year high as well as Wal-Mart which is steadily growing with a solid and rising dividend.

We are watching WYNN and Urban Outfitters which had been way under water until the recent run-up; we are using stop loss orders that we will renew to ensure they don’t go back underwater.  Cliffs also has a stop loss because it originally started tanking after we bought it but turned around immediately.  We recently sold Bancolumbia as it neared a 20% loss (excluding dividends).

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