Portfolio Three Updated July 2013

Portfolio Three is our 3rd longest lived portfolio, at almost 6 years. The beneficiary contributed $3000 and the trustee $6000, for a total of $9000, vs. a current value of $10,242, for a gain of $1,242. This is a return of 14% or just under 4% / year, when adjusted for the timing of cash flows. You can see the detail in the links on the right or go here.

The portfolio components are doing reasonably well. Two stocks that were far underwater at one point, WYNN (casinos) and Urban Outfitters (clothing) have come back and / or exceeded their purchase price. Splunk has been a big gainer since being purchased this year. On the other hand, while Siemens is still a net positive position with a good dividend, it is down substantially from its highs, and we hope that getting a new CEO will be a catalyst for a price rise. BanColumbia (CIB), the ADR from Columbia, is about break even with a decent dividend but was hit by negative currency fluctuations vs. the US dollar.

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