Additional Stock Selections for April, 2013

Portfolio Three might have some additional contributions so I looked for some stock selections that could be appropriate. In general, valuations seem high right now so I am generally looking at stocks (or ETF’s) that are a bit “banged up” (usually by barely missing earnings and having the stock price punished as a result).

Here are the choices:

F5 networks (FFIV)

$74 ($72-$139) market cap $5.7B

No dividend

Took big drop when they recently missed growth by a bit.

Apple (AAPL)

$423 ($419-$705)

market cap $400B

Dividend yield 2.5%

May have been oversold with recent market hits.


$67 ($59 – $80)

Market cap $108B

Dividend yield 3.4%

Has come down a bit from recent highs. Well run.

Gold ETF (GLD)

$152 ($148 – $174)

No dividend

Gold is a hedge against inflation and paper money. It has been going down relative to recent highs

South Korea ETF (EWY)

$55 ($50 – $65)

dividend yield 0.6%

Way to bet on all S Korean companies including Samsung. Harder to buy individual stocks. Likely oversold due to N Korea threats

Relatively low dividend

MDU Resources (MDU)

$24 ($19 – $25)

Dividend yield 2.9%

Well run company in utilities, oil & gas and construction. Can profit from growth in the Dakota region caused by the shale oil boom

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