Portfolio Two Updated January 2013

Portfolio Two is our second longest portfolio, at 8 1/2 years. The beneficiary contributed $5000, the trustee contributed $10,000 and the current value is $17,607 for an increase of $2607 or 17.4%, which is about 3% / year over the life of the portfolio adjusted for the timing of contributions. The detail can be found to the links on the right or here.

This year we sold one stock, Metro PCS, on a potential take over. This did not materialize and the stock dropped back down (after we sold it). We have two stocks on negative watch now, Wynn (which paid a good special dividend and has been coming back) and Nidec, which has been a great holding but has been getting killed with the overall Japanese market. If Nidec doesn’t turn around soon we will sell.

Urban Outfitters is above where we purchased it and Facebook has been a great purchase, since we bought it after the debacle IPO and it has risen strongly off the $18.75 / share price we paid.

For taxes we had dividends of $358, which is a nice stream of income, and a short term gain of $220 on the Metro PCS purchase and sale.

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