Portfolio Four Updated January 2013

Portfolios four and five are both three and a half years old. The beneficiary has contributed $2000 and the trustee has contributed $4000, for a total of $6000. The value of the portfolio is $7123, for a gain of $1123, or 18.7%, which is about 7% / year when adjusted for the timing of contributions. You can see the portfolio here or go to the links on the right side of the page.

This year we sold one stock that fell significantly in value, Exelon, since the pressure on that stock seemed unrelenting. The remaining stocks are all above the price we paid for them, and we will watch them to see if they become overvalued. Westpac, an Australian bank, has done well bolstered by a strong dividend and the rising Australian dollar (or the falling US dollar, depending on how you look at it) and Wal-Mart, that ferocious US retail competitor.

For taxes, there was one sale for a long-term loss (Exelon) of $236, and there was $209 in dividends paid.

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