Portfolio Two Updated November 2012

Portfolio Two is our second longest lived portfolio, at 9 years. $5000 has been contributed by the beneficiary and $10,000 by the trustee for a total of $15,000. The fund is now worth $16,481, for a gain of $1481, or 10% on the total invested, at a rate of about 1.7% / year over the life of the fund. Go to the right to see a spreadsheet with details or here.

Portfolio Two recently invested in Metro PCS which received a buy out offer and we sold immediately for a gain of $220. WYNN has started to come back from a 30% losing position and is now down about 22%. Urban outfitters also came back from a big loss and is up 7% on the original investment.

On the other hand, the Japanese company Nidec (NJ) has suffered a serious decline, along with the rest of the Japanese market. Portfolio One recently sold Canon (CAJ) and I am thinking strongly of selling NJ, too. The Japanese market is suffering from slow to no growth and a very strong Yen (currency) is hurting exports.

This portfolio also shows the importance of dividends. The portfolio has received $1148 in dividends over its lifetime, which is equal to its gain above investment.


  1. Although it was clearly destructive toward this portfolio, Nokia’s hemorrhage may be ending with the advent of Windows Phone 8 as well as Nokia’s introduction of the Lumia phone into new markets, most notably the US and China. It’s one I’ll be watching for a speculative (and small) play.


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