Dan’s Posts Are Back to Dan

If you look over on the sidebar you can see the authors here – Carl and Dan (dfm).  When we moved to the new (free) location all the posts were credited to Carl which of course wasn’t right.  I’ve been painstakingly going through post after post and putting tags on them and fixing the links (they were pointed to media on the other web site) and this is one thing I’m fixing, too.

Lots of good stuff here by Dan and click on his name on the side and it will filter down to just his posts.  Someday I will drag a few more authors over here, too.

Ha ha I followed up on your FPRS Ford recommendation in the comments when I updated the link from a few years ago bought back in 2011 you did well…





2 responses to “Dan’s Posts Are Back to Dan”

  1. Carl from Chicago Avatar
    Carl from Chicago

    You can see that category about Mulally is back on (it is a tag, actually). And also glad that I moved all your posts back to you it took a while to fix, and now your name is back too. Maybe I should switch the tags back to categories I don’t know. I was looking at the “standard” tags on word press maybe I’d add those to our posts, too. I know that I am caring far too much about this obscure topic but I find it a bit interesting.

    Tell us about your new ideas and booting out bad advisers, always fun to hear.

    Shouting out to our 2-3 readers over here. I did check and there are like 100,000 new blogs / day on word press so we are definitely out on the fringe.

    Luckily we don’t care or we wouldn’t be blogging with no advertisements or pandering.

  2. Dan from Madison Avatar

    Indeed I did well on that Ford play I am glad I got to make a few skins from your hero Alan Mulally.

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