Portfolio Three Updated August 2012

Portfolio three is our third longest portfolio, and has been investing for five years, and you can see it here or on the link on the right side of the page. The beneficiary has contributed $2500 and the trustee $5000, for a total of $7500, and the value of the portfolio is currently $6957, for a loss to date of $543 in total (although the beneficiary is “up” substantially on their investment of $2500). This is a loss of 7% in total, or about 2.5% / year over the life of the portfolio.

Current Portfolio

Portfolio 3 has 2 stocks that are on watch elsewhere – Wynn, the gaming company with large interests in Macau (China), and Urban Outfitters, which has recovered about half its loss from its lows. The big winner is Wal-Mart, up almost 60% (including dividends) from its purchase price.

Stocks Sold Previously

The Stocks sold previously mostly haven’t gone up, with two still below their selling price and one above it.

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