Portfolio Five Updated March 2012

Portfolio five was started at the same time as portfolio four and has been around for 2 1/2 years.

The beneficiary has contributed $1500 and the trustee $3000 for a total of $4500. The portfolio has a current value of $4844 for a gain of $344 or 7.7%, which is about 3.7% / year over the life of the portfolio.

The stocks in the portfolio aren’t marked “green” or “red” now meaning that they are up or down (including dividends) more than $200. One stock that has been on “watch” is Alcoa or AA which is a well run US metals company that faces tough global competition and is also dependent on US economy growth in order for it to grow. We will keep monitoring this stock going forward.

The new stocks and other stocks seem to be doing well. We will keep monitoring them all going forward.

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