Portfolio One Updated December, 2011

Like all of our stock portfolios, portfolio one has been on a hair raising ride with the recent volatility in the stock market. For now, the portfolio has recovered well, and is worth $22,500 on an investment of $16,500, for a gain of 37%, or about 5.5% / year over the life of the fund (this is approximate since the cash flows have been coming in across the life of the fund). You can review portfolio one’s positions in the link listing on the right side of the site.

The fund only has a couple of stocks on negative watch, one being URBN (Urban Outfitters) which went down significantly when it missed earnings and hasn’t recovered. Since the company has no debt and seems to be well run and recognizes that the problem was bad fashion they may be poised for recovery but I don’t know… it is definitely on the block. Also on the block is TEVA the Israeli drug manufacturer whose stock price is down and recently did some larger acquisitions (typically the stock of the company leading the acquisition goes down, the acquired company goes up).

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