Final Stock Selection List for 2011

Here are the six stock selections for 2011.

  1. Bancolombia S.A. (ADR: CIB) – $61, down from 52 week high of $69, 2.2% dividend yield.  Colombian company, $12B market cap, banking.  This Colombian bank provides a window into a growing Latin America market.
  2. Anadarko (APC) – $69, down from 52 week high of $85, 0.5% dividend yield (low).  US company, $34B market cap, oil & gas exploration.  Anadarko is riding the wave of US oil and gas as well as making many overseas discoveries in markets such as Ghana.  A play on the growing natural gas solution.
  3. Statoil (ADR: STO) – $23, down from 52 week high of $29, 4.9% dividend.  Norwegian company, $74B market cap, oil & gas.  Norwegian oil and gas company recently found new fields and is well run and not as subject to Geo-political risk as the other oil “majors”.
  4. Philip Morris International (PM) – $69, not far from 52 week high of $72, 3.7% dividend.  International (non-US) company, $121B market cap, cigarettes.  This company does not cell cigarettes in the US (that is Altria) but sells them overseas (Marlboro) where it is very strong in many markets and growing in China
  5. Westpac Banking Corporation (ADR: WBK) – $107, down from 52 week high of $138, 7.2% dividend (very high).  Australian company, $64B market cap, banking.  Westpac is poised to boom along with the Australian economy based on their strong currency, relatively improved financial position (compared to US and Europe), and of course their huge mineral resources which they can sell to all the Asian economies
  6. Riverbed Technology (RVBD) – $22, down from 52 week high of $44, no dividend.  US company, $3B market cap, technology.  This company makes products for security and switching for data centers and cloud computing.  Companies of this size are potential acquisition candidates given the large amounts of cash held in Silicon Valley

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