Portfolio Four Update August 2011

Portfolio is one of two (4 and 5) that began 2 years ago.  They started after the 2008 market crash but just got caught up in the 2011 market turbulence, which took them down a bit like everyone else.

Portfolio 4 beneficiary invested $1000 and the trustee invested $2000 for a total of $3000.  The current value is $2858 for a return of negative (4%) or about negative (3%) / year when adjusted for the timing of cash flows.  This portfolio was above “break even” before the recent market turmoil.

This portfolio has NUCOR (NUE), the US steel company.  The company is down significantly but I am not inclined to sell it because it has a good dividend and seems well valued at its current price, with new plants coming on line.

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