It’s Tax Time…

It’s tax time for the portfolios. Since the stocks are held in the name of the beneficiaries any gains or losses on sales are passed down along with dividend income (which is getting larger, especially in portfolio one, and is a big part of any long term investment strategy) and interest income on cash in the fund, which is basically zero since our interest rates have been lowered to nothing.

I also use this opportunity to review performance. Like everything else we got hit with the recent end to the bull run caused by Japan and the spike in oil prices based on Mideast unrest. We also may review some stocks for potential sale if they are going nowhere… I will put it up here and let Dan get his 2 cents in since frankly he follows investments better than I do now.

Also I updated the site a bit because it was SLOW. I got rid of the picture at top and I guess an SEO package turned itself on when I upgraded to the latest version of word press so I deleted it entirely because all this site does is attract spammers, anyways. We do appreciate the good, occasional comment we get from knowledgeable outsiders.

Remember – do your research. Anything we put up here is our opinion and if you are going to invest you need to come up with your OWN answers.

Finally – I went to the Fairmark site (see sidebar) which is a GREAT resource and bought a couple of their books (now they sell through Amazon) and will be putting up some commentary that utilizes their material (giving them credit, of course). If you are at all interested in taxation for minors, tax minimization (legally), or a host of related items, give their material a try.

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