Piling In on Natural Gas

Carl has written elsewhere extensively about what a pipe dream nuclear power is in the USA. Well, at least it was being talked about before the Japan disaster, but now I think we can put the final nails in the coffin.

The media is almost borderline rooting for a full meltdown of the plants in Japan, and that is disgusting. The breathless reportage always starts with reports on the plants, spends a majority of time talking about them, and ends up spending oh so little time on the tens of thousands of casualties and dead bodies laying around bloating in the noonday sun.

As a side note, reporters and news reports are extremely defficient in discussing FACTS about the power crippled nuclear plants in Japan. This is NOT Chernobyl – yet. The differences in the two are so VAST, yet they are mentioned on the same pages. It is maddening to hear that idiots here in the USA are stocking up on iodine tabs. What!?! China has been exploding nuclear weapons for the past thirty years in the open air and nobody cared about that, yet we have a POSSIBLE accident in a highly industrialized company like Japan and everyone is going nuts. Not to mention that all of the coal and other pollution from China is a FAR greater threat to the US than any miniscule amount of radiation that we could possibly get from the Japan nuke plants even if there were a FULL MELT DOWN.

That digression aside, I don’t think that any real thinking person could say that we will ever see a new nuclear plant commissioned in our lifetimes here in the States, besides the small handfull almost ready to go online in Texas and South Carolina (?).

I didn’t think we would ever see a new nuke plant before this all happened and am happy to report that I have been making a VERY large bet on natural gas and companies that supply it and help construct nat gas plants, as well as other instruments nat gas related. Yes, we have coal, but that is the great satan along with nuclear to the greens anyway. Carl seems to think that we may just run out of power someday, but I argue that point. The second some liberal green nimby wacko doesn’t have power to charge up his or her iPhone there will be an enormous power plant built in what used to be a forest preserve – you can take that to the bank.

I hesitate to publish names and instruments I have money invested in as I think that does no service to anyone and sounds like I am pumping stuff. Just saying that it isn’t too late for you to start now getting in on some of these types of investments since basically in the US it will be nat gas from here on out. Yes, gas hovers around $4, but that won’t last forever.

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  1. It is obviously 100% up to you but I am pretty much full disclosure with my investment picks that I discuss here and I don’t think there is any harm in it.

    We tell people to do their own damn research and we don’t have advertising and we don’t benefit from what we recommend, and we certainly aren’t big enough to impact any market.

    Either way I think that with the most minimal of research they should be able to buy into the natural gas rally and its impact on industries anyways.

    Obviously 100% agree on the rising importance of natural gas which was recently compounded by the nuclear events in Japan.


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