Portfolio Five Updated December 2010

Portfolio Five also just started its second year of investing, with $3000 under investment. Portfolio Five has done reasonably well on a percentage basis, being up over 10%, to $3350.

Siemens is up substantially, even with the gyrations in the Euro, and it pays a decent dividend. The other stocks in the portfolio are up, and 3 of the 4 are foreign ADR’s. We are doing well early with this fund but performance gains on a small base are just a start, and we will continue to monitor stock performance closely.

2 thoughts on “Portfolio Five Updated December 2010”

  1. Thank god they came to an agreement to leave the lt cap gains and div income levels! I had no clue what I was going to do if they didn’t.

    It isn’t law yet so anything can happen, but looks good.

    Of course our future is totally sold out, but that is certainly grist for another post.


  2. I do need to post about the tax law changes but agreed 100% that they are very favorable to the investor I was afraid that they were going to let the dividends received deduction expire which would have killed a lot of stocks. In general higher marginal tax rates hurt all stocks, as you know.


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