Update on Portfolio Two Performance

Portfolio Two is my second longest portfolio and has been running for 6 years.

Portfolio Two started when the stock market was in rocky times and has finally climbed above break even, with a total investment of $10,500 and a value of $11,403. The portfolio has 11 stocks and thus is reasonably well diversified. Big winners (that we kept) include Exxon Mobil, Siemens and China Petroleum (SNP). In the past we had some major gains on sales for BHP and China Mobile, and some major losses on Nokia (just recent), Cemex and ICICI Bank. I should have sold Nokia sooner I won’t wait for that big of a loss when I see future declines before selling.

This portfolio benefits from the fact that now commissions are effectively zero on buys and sells since I am using my “free trade” allotment on this portfolio; this probably saves $60-$80 / year which adds up over time. Fees are also effectively zero.

This portfolio seems to be in a good place with regards to a balance between US and foreign companies (since the swing in the dollar significantly impacts values, and most economic growth is overseas) and we will watch the stocks here and look for potential sales of losers or opportunities to sell high for winners.

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