Carl is getting ready for his stock picks for the next portfolio and I am going to play along this time, with a twist.  I am going to take an equivalent amount of money from Carl’s portfolio and go dartboard.  I will restrict my choices to Russell 2k companies (don’t want to totally throw my money in the fire like with penny stocks, etc.) and no ADRs, since (imho) those will be taking it in the shorts (heh) in the next year or so. 

My method is this – I am going to let a computer pick stocks at random.  That is it.  I will track performance much more simply than Carl, by just using the initial purchase price – knowing that a) I don’t want to spend a ton of time on this and b) that both of us reading here understand that the actual performance would be a bit lower due to fees, etc.

I am thinking that in the end I will probably kick myself for not random investing sooner.


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