Portfolio Five Performance Update July 2010

Portfolio Five began last year. There are 2 stocks in the portfolio, and a total of $1500 invested. The current market value is $1394, which means that a loss of 7% was sustained. The stocks are Sinopec (SNP) and Siemens (SI), which are good long term holdings.

Click on the picture to see a clearer view than it has as an embedded file.  Next year I will break this out into spreadsheet format when there are 4 stocks to track.  Like Portfolio Four this one will benefit from the fact that expenses are lower now for holding an account and also buying and selling stocks since the fiduciary has a number of free trades each year and often they are allocated to the trust funds.



  1. Your ADR’s are going to get crushed in the next year or so, pretty much everything I have heard and read has the euro plummeting close to parity with the dollar and I have no reason to disagree. On a personal level I am pretty much getting out of the ADR business until Europe gets it together a bit (ever?).


  2. One thing about currency moves- everyone has an opinion, and like your contrarian post above, no one knows too much in the end.

    I am not saying that the Euro is going to go up – but the US $ may go down, too. We are running an unsustainable budget deficit, Fannie / Freddie are consuming cash like crazy, and we have a nuts zero interest policy that weakens the currency further.

    Most of the currency moves are a race to the bottom – some of the ADR’s are in other currencies – like SNP which de-facto trades with the Chinese currency – that one is likely to appreciate. And we also own a couple of Japanese stocks, which move according to that currency.

    With this type of investing for single stocks I can’t really get too much international exposure (except through multi-nationals, which also kind of works) without doing ADR’s, and I don’t just want to pack in the US, because over the years lots of the return has been in non-US stocks.

    I am looking at Swiss companies and Canadian / Australian companies where I think that there is some solid currency footing. Also Korea which has some powerful multinationals.

    The US $ may “suck less” than the Euro for now but in the long term it is going to depreciate vs. lots of people.


  3. Siemens clearly is one of the euro denominated ADR’s and is definitely at risk

    The problem is that Siemens is generally a good company and can get a lot of mileage with the green energy stuff

    But it certainly is on the watch list as you point out


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