Portfolio One Performance Updated July 2010

Portfolio One is my longest lived portfolio. This portfolio has been building up for nine years, and has a 3.1% return over that period. You can see the detail behind this portfolio as of July 2010 on the right sidebar.

We certainly were hit during Q2 2010, a time when US indexes generally lost about 10%. The balance as of March 2010 was $17,500 and now it is about $15,500, a loss of ($2000 / $17,500) = 11.4%. The loss was greater than the US indexes because the dollar strengthened against the Japanese Yen, the Euro, and the UK Pound during this time which further hurt some ADR’s in this portfolio even harder than the drop in the valuation alone.

This portfolio contains 15 individual stocks, with investments in each stock from a low of about $275 to about $1800, although the average is around $1000. At 15 stocks this portfolio has some reasonable diversification and should be expected to perform roughly in line with the overall indexes, give or take some for performance.

Out of the stocks in this portfolio I am most tired of Nokia. Nokia has a large percentage of the world’s cell phone market but is a dog at smart phones and is trying to re-invent itself. This reinvention has not been going well and I am about out of patience, likely will want to dump this stock as part of the new purchases to make during August, 2010.

I updated performance on the stocks we sold and generally do not have too much remorse for those sales based on their price today. In the past I sold some stocks when I thought they became over valued to try to take some of the risk off the table but as always there is reinvestment risk since you have to put that money back to work someplace else.


  1. Yes I was holding MSFT through the recession because I knew it wouldn’t plummet too far with those massive cash holdings but going forward doesn’t seem to be a lot of reasons for growth, either.


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