Word Press 3.0

This site recently upgraded to Word Press 3.0.  I initially did not understand all of the enhancements present in the new version.  I went to the Word Press.org site and saw a brief video and boy, oh boy are there lots of new features to learn about.

While any half-way decent programmer could always customize a Word Press site, I don’t qualify as a half-way decent programmer.  I focus on content and am only marginally interested in spending hours tweaking code.  In fact if I get 30 minutes to focus on anything that is an eternity.

To me the most immediate benefits were due to the fact that a new Word Press THEME comes with 3.0.  The original Word Press theme is called “Kubrick” and it is VERY old.  You have probably seen it all over the web and this theme screams “I am all about content” and don’t care about presentation.

This new theme finally makes it easy to customize the header and the sidebar and widgets and a million other features.  You’ll notice the picture on the top – it is one of my own and while it may or may not have much to do with investing it is a nice start.

I will be spending some time with Word Press 3.0 and will put in some more advanced features on the site over time.  Since Dan and I run a few sites any knowledge gained can easily be applied across all these sites with a bit of work.

I would like to thank Word Press for putting out such a great product and all of the volunteers who do all the work.  And I especially want to thank them for updating the default theme because this will allow me to learn a lot without having to navigate through myriad themes on the site which all have different features, capabilities and bugs.  These default themes are really for people like me because skilled programmers just tweak them anyways, so thanks again for thinking of us poor people who just want to focus on content.

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