Portfolio Two Performance

We have been contributing to Portfolio Two for five and a half years. The beneficiary has contributed $3000, the trusted contributed $6000, and the fund is worth $9531, for a gain of $531, or 6%. This translates into an annual rate of approximately 1.6% over this time period.

For 2009 we had $92.57 in dividends, $4.53 in interest income, and a Long-Term capital loss of ($834) from a sale of Cemex during the height of the debt crisis.

This portfolio has 10 stocks, which makes it reasonably diversified. Until you get near 10 or so stocks your portfolio can move significantly based on the activities of just 1 or 2 stocks. This portfolio took a hit on Toyota (TM) with the recent problems with that company, although we are about break even on our investment in that stock net of dividends received.

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